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Top 10 OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2020



Top 10 OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2020

Off-Page SEO techniques work to build backlinks to increase DA, PA, and SEO rankings. You create a high credibility for your website by building backlinks with high domain and page authority.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the main aspects of your blog that you can do correctly. In internet search results, this will place your blog better and push significant moves to your blog. If you are a website manager or blogger, you should know about SEO on the basis that it varies frequently. Best off-page SEO strategies for building website backlinks.

You must be conscious of the new SEO programmes. You should have great knowledge about on-page and off-page SEO strategies as being an SEO, as both are important to rate you higher in SERPs based on stock phrases. Below we have mentioned details about Off-page SEO and what are the top 10 Off-page SEO techniques.

Why is Off-Page SEO so Important?

In order to rank your website, all aspects of Seo techniques are equally relevant, but Off-Page SEO has a great helping hand in achieving better website ranking performance.

It improves your website in the following ways;

  • Getting High Traffic
  • Online Branding
  • Fast Indexing
  • High Audience Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Domain Authority

Best OFF-Page SEO Techniques

Below we have listed top 10 best techniques used for Off page search engine optimization:

Build Shareable Content

In SEO, great content is still the KING. A clever way to produce more and more natural backlinks to our blog or website is to create awesome and shared content. Study regularly and still keep the content fresh and updated.

Influencer Outreach

If you have developed some kind of worth sharing material, then don’t forget to share this post to your industry’s influencers. Tell them to search your blog and ask their blog for connect backups. Make sure that you get the connections from domains that are fully important.

Social media engagement

Social media presence is a big off-page SEO strategy. Engage with people on different social media sites if you want to make your organization, website or blog successful. The existence of social media will help the company expand and help you get more backlinks as well.

Contribute as Guest Author

Many good and quality blogs are accessible for a guest post from several authors. Write an eye catchy research piece and reach them with the content for the guest post. Don’t concentrate on the total number of links but rather concentrate only on link quality. Also don’t keep posting several times on the related guest blog site.

Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the best platforms for advertising the site is social bookmarking pages. You get a lot of traffic to the website or blog when you bookmark your site or blog post on powerful public bookmarking websites.

Video Submission

Like Podcast Submission, Video is also one of the best off-page SEO methods. This method will also ask you to produce video content and publish it on free video submission websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Ensure the video is a quick and short description of the complete topic related to the blog post. The video must be unique and different for people to click on it.

Forum Submission

Participate and communicate with the group in search forums relevant to your website and company. Respond to threads, answer questions from people and offer your opinions and suggestions. Allow use of forums for Do-Follow.’

Blog Directory Submission

Directory Submission is actively working to create back ties for consistency. Choose an efficient directory and choose the right group. Good results take quite some time to deliver, but these outcomes stand out over a longer span.

Article Submission

In a high PR paper submission directory, submit your posts. You can also give links to your site. Making sure the content is top quality and exclusive. Content and content of poor quality that has more keyword stuffing could be refused. Pick the right category and give the information a nice title.

Question and Answer

From question and answer pages, one of the best places you can get good traffic. Enter high PR question and answer websites and check for your business, blog or website-related questions and have simple answers to these questions. Give your site a connect that will continue to give you greater visibility.


There are many other techniques used for off-page SEO, but above we have mentioned the best 10 techniques used. We have also included details about what is SEO. This guide is for people who are passionate about digital marketing and want to know off-page SEO techniques. In case you want to know more about digital marketing techniques that are used in SEO, you can take help from online service providers.

Dave Daniel has been a Freelancer and Blogger for the past 3 years and is now the proud owner of The Tech Vamps. He has Expertise in the Areas of Technology, Science, Gaming, Gadgets, Hacking, Web Development, etc.

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How to Make Your Site Secure With an SSL certificate



SSL Certificates

What is an SSL certificate? Why is it necessary to secure the website using SSL? What steps should be followed when starting an online business or website?

Are you finding the answers to all these questions? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today, in this article we will cover all the site security tips and tricks along with SSL.

So, let’s start the ultimate guide to the SSL certificate.

What to Know When Starting a Website?

When starting an online business, blog, or any other website, three things should be considered.

  1. Domain
  2. Web Hosting Plan
  3. SSL certificate

The Domain is the unique name of the website that will help the audience, clients, and visitors to reach your platform easily. Whereas, the second step is to choose an appropriate Web hosting for the website because a good website working depends upon a good hosting company. Finally, an SSL certificate plays a significant role in the protection of the website.

How SSL Certificate is Related to Domain and Hosting?

Domain and SSL
Domain and SSL

SSL certificate is free and keeps the domain and hosting protected. So no third party can access the information, hack the details, and use the data from the site.

It is related to the Domain as the SSL approved sites show HTTPS before the domain in the URL. Whereas many hosting companies offer free SSL certificates for the website.

So, if you are interested in buying a domain, hosting, and SSL certificate in a single package, then any hosting company can give you this wonderful 3 in 1 package.

Why is an SSL Certificate Important?

So, now you might ask where an SSL certificate is necessary and why you should consider it as an important factor. Here we are sharing some critical points.

1. Information Security Purpose

You might have experienced typing email addresses, contact information, credit card numbers, and other personal data on different websites. Many of us perform transactions and place orders online. But is your information secure?

As the robbers want to steal the money when it is being transferred from one bank to another. Similarly, hackers also try to steal the information from the website when it is being transferred from one server to another. Hence, the SSL certificate is the protection against such activities.

SSL certificates prevent the data from floating and reaching the inter-webs where hackers might read the information.

2. Google Ranking

When developing a website, it is very important to rank it on Google Search Engine Result Page. If you fail to do so then it will result in losing a huge audience and traffic. Ultimately, you will face a business loss.

Now you might ask HOW Google Ranking is related to SSL Certificate?

Google observes all the websites and its algorithm dislikes to rank the websites that are not secure. It only ranks the sites that are SSL approved or have HTTPS rather than HTTP sites.

3. Customer Confidence

When any visitor reaches the website, SSL certificate approved sites show a closed lock in the URL bar. Whereas unprotected sites show  as unsecure. This alarming notice creates a threat for the visitor and he might immediately leave the site. Therefore, to attain the customers’ confidence, it is important to protect your website using an SSL certificate.

Is Your Site Secured with SSL? Let’s Find Out

After understanding the importance and necessity of an SSL certificate, you might be interested in finding out whether your site is secure or not. So here are some easy tips to find out.

1. Look at the URL bar


The easiest way to find the SSL approval is to look into the address bar where your website link is written. A padlock icon is a sign of security. Moreover, HTTPS showed before the address also describes that the website is secure. By clicking on the padlock icon, all the details about the SSL certificate will be shown. So, in this way you can track the security of your website.

2. Track via Website

Different websites are available on the internet where you can place the URL or address of your site and it will show all about the expiry of the SSL certificate, current status, etc.

How to install an SSL Certificate?

In case, if your website is not secure, then it is highly recommended to install an SSL certificate to avoid any future problems. Here are some easy and basic steps to install the SSL certificate.

  1. The first step is to buy a dedicated IP address for your website, so if you have it then an SSL certificate will be available. Otherwise, you can host with a dedicated IP address.
  2. Buy the SSL certificate.
  3. Activate the certificate on the backend.
  4. Install the certificate and update the website with HTTPS.

Free SSL certificate

Many hosting companies offer free SSL certificates along with the hosting program. If you have already bought the hosting, then check the package plan and ask the company about a free SSL certificate.

Besides this, if you are planning to buy hosting then it is recommended to choose the hosting plan that offers a free SSL certificate for the website. You can easily enable a free SSL certificate from cPanel.


SSL certificate is important for the website as it keeps the website secure from hackers. It is important to install SSL as it will protect the information on the website. Moreover, it is helpful in Google ranking and builds the customers’ trust.

ServerSea Hosting
ServerSea Hosting

Therefore, check your website now. If the padlock is not present and HTTP is shown, then the SSL certificate needs to be installed. Some hosting companies such as ServerSea offer a free domain registration, hosting, and SSL certificates in a combined package. You can also get a free SSL certificate from the company when buying a hosting plan.

In the nutshell, an SSL certificate is a security guard of your website. Make sure to install it for improved security of the website. ServerSea Hosting offers one of the finest hosting plans inclusive of an SSL certificate.

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How to Find Your Next Keyword – Keyword Research



Keyword Research

What is a Keyword? A Keyword, according to Webster’s Fourth New Collegiate Dictionary, is a word or phrase used as a label for a set of words. A more exact definition is “a single word or phrase used as a label for an article”.

In data retrieval, an index term, topic term, header, or subject word, in an electronic data recovery system, is a single term that captures the exact nature of an article. Subject terms from a controlled vocabulary for application in electronic databases.

One example is when Google wants to render its search results in something that resembles a “web log”. Search engines use keywords as parameters for ranking sites on their lists. Google’s motto is” Knowledge is Power”.

It is therefore not surprising that search engines regard phrases as keywords and use them as votes for ranking websites. An example of a search term used by Google is “How to Make Money in Stock Market – Advanced Ways to Make Money in Stock Market”, which shows that the phrase is a keyword.

Keywords can also be meta tags, if your website contains any HTML. Meta keywords are also part of search engine optimization (SEO). The process of keyword research is an integral part of SEO, but sometimes overlooked.

Keywords often serve as gateways to generate traffic, especially to small, niche-specific websites. But there is more to keyword research than generating traffic. Long Tail keywords are also an important aspect of SEO. They refer to keywords that have only two or three words that are frequently used in searching.

A lot of SEO efforts are focused on keyword stuffing, where the website uses as many keywords as possible. It may sound natural, but this approach often works against the site. It is considered bad SEO when websites tend to overdo keyword stuffing. In fact, some search engines have started to adopt stricter rules on how many keywords you can have on your web pages. Website owners should instead strive for a high content density for their keywords.

So, what’s so bad about keyword stuffing? First of all, it tends to make your site look crowded and less professional. It also makes it difficult for search engines to understand the main theme of your website. This can cost you in terms of ranking, not to mention traffic.


Some of the more successful websites in the world make full use of keywords in writing and structuring their web pages and even include some headings in the copywriting to help in building up an effective copywriting for the keyword.

Long Tail Keywords are terms that have fewer words that are commonly used in searches but have one or two specific things in common with your main keyword. For example, you could use “chocolate cake” as one word, but also use phrases like “cheese cake” and “chocolate dipped bananas” for examples. It all depends on how well these phrases match your main keyword phrase.

One thing to note is that these longer tail keywords take a longer amount of time to generate search engine results and are harder to rank for. However, if they have great SEO value then they will have higher search engine rankings and be more likely to attract visitors.

One last tip: If you want to know how to find your keyphrase, then there is a trick that I personally use that does wonders for my clients. They call it a blog post trick. Basically, what you do is write a blog post about your keyphrase (this works better if you write more than one blog post about your keyphrase). Then you submit the blog post to a popular article directory. The next thing you do is go back into your keyword research to find all the articles that were written around your keyphrase.

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