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Top 10 Best Custom Moto G5 Plus ROMs of 2020



Moto G5 Plus Custom ROM

Looking for Best Custom ROM for Moto G5 Plus? Want to Install a Custom ROM for Moto G5 Plus? Well , you have come to the right place. We have the Right Guides and Knowledge needed for you to choose your next Custom ROM for your Moto G5 Plus Device.

Moto G5 Plus – Specs and Details

What is Moto G5 Plus?

Moto G5 Plus has earned some love from the third party developer group at XDA as the most common Moto G series smartphone. Android 10 based Arrow OS and a couple of other custom ROMs are provided for the device.

With regard to official support, after shipping Android 8.1 Oreo, the Motorola stopped production of Moto G5 Plus. Moreover, the unit has earned the latest protection patch after more than six months. Motorola has overlooked this intermediate unit, which had been substantial in sales in 2017, after one big update.

Moto G5 Plus
Moto G5 Plus

Specs of Moto G5 Plus

Moto G5 Plus from Motorola was launched on the mid-range market in February 2017 with attractive hardware. It offers 5.2-inch IPS LCD Capacitive 16M-color touch screen and corning glass 3-protected.

It has a resolution of 424 pixels/inch. The display has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Moto G5 Plus ships with the Qualcomm 625 chipset Snapdragon, fitted with an octa-core CPU, and Adreno 506 GPU.

A single 12-Megapixel camera with dual LED light is available on the smartphone in the camera department. On the front side for video calls there is a 5-megapixel selfie camera. The WiFi adapter, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, NFC, FM Radio, and microUSB 2.0 are available in Connectivity.

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On the front side, there is also a fingerprint reader and other sensors, such as an accelerometer, gyro, nearby, and compass. The combinations were 2 GB RAM + 32 GB, 3 GB RAM + 32 GB, and 4 GB RAM + 64 GB capacity. The storage options were also available.

It comes with a 3000mAh Li-ion non-removable battery with a 15W fast charge support. The lunar grey and fine gold are accessible. Moto G5 Plus is 150.2 x 74 x 7.7 mm thick and 155 g weights.

Warning: Custom ROMs tend to be unstable and voids warranty under any given condition. Use it at your own risk.

What is Stock Android ROM?

The “stock ROM” that is also called ‘stock firmware’ is accessible when you purchase a brand new Android computer. The ROM  is your pre-installed OS on your phone. The stock ROM has minimal functionality specified by the manufacturer of the mobile. You would have to use custom ROM if you want extra functionality to be added to your computer.


As you are all conscious, Android is a forum for open source developers to take all the source code from Google and to create their own images for Android phones and tablets from scratch. Custom ROM replaces the Android Operating System (Stock ROM), which is provided with the mobile and/or tablet.

Top 10 Best Custom Moto G5 Plus ROMs of 2020
Custom ROM

This software has been designed through customization or the home. It has a kernel that renders it a fully autonomous OS. So in Android, some developers can tailor the Android OS by deleting all of Garbage and making it a pure Android interface with no carrier-based software or OEM software mounted.

This Custom ROM is frequently updated by the community and developers to fix all issue reports. You will still experience new Android OS even though your mobile doesn’t have the OS.

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10 Best Custom ROM for Moto G5 Plus

This is the list of Moto G5 Plus’ Best Custom ROMs. You need TWRP Recovery on your computer to load some custom ROM for Moto G5 Plus. You can instal Custom ROM or other software on your Moto G5 Plus system quickly when you have installed TWRP.

You can flash one of the best custom ROM for Moto G5 Plus here if you have TWRP. As we have already said, there are several custom ROMs. Not all custom ROMs can be used as stable regular drivers. You can read the definition and features for Moto G5 Plus devices that come with the custom ROM below.

  1. Pixel Experience
  2. ArrowOS
  3. HavocOS 3.0 Unofficial
  4. crDroid v6.3
  5. Evolution X 3.3
  6. AICP-15.0
  7. ViperOS
  8. BlissROMs
  9. Resurrection Remix
  10. Flyme OS

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Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is a custom ROM based on Google Pixel’s Android. This contains a lot of Pixel things like installer, fonts, boot animation, and wallpapers.

This ROM has all accessibility, and GApps have to toggle separately. The GApps is included in the ROM. The best Android 10 custom ROM experience for Moto G5 Plus.

ROM provides the true Google Pixel Moto G5 Plus experience. It has everything you need for Google Pixel Mobile functionality and apps. Now with this ROM you can feel the actual Pixel Mobile.

Pixel Experience
Pixel Experience

Arrow OS

Arrow OS is a custom ROM based on CAFs. Arrow OS is what you think of the Android Stock i.e. safe and clean Androids with no updates.

Since a wide variety of features isn’t bundled on the ROM, it is quite stable. The Android 10 custom ROM is also one of the most used for Moto G5 Plus.

Havoc OS

Havoc OS is an AOSP based ROM with several features and an updated UI. Havoc OS is for you if you want something new from the stock Android and want a lot of functionality as well.

This ROM has a refined material style 2 inspired by Google Pixel. There are several customizations features in this ROM.

Havoc OS
Havoc OS


CrDroid is like ResurrectionRemix, based on LineageOS, but features that are crDroid-exclusive.

Features listed by crDroid

Music CrDroid – Phonograph-based music player
CrDroid Home – Google integration redesigned and personalised launcher
Config for CrDroid – Includes Modification and other Config

Evolution X

Evolution X is a personalised ROM with AOSP-based sound, fonts and icons for any pixel stuff like wallpapers or sound. The ROM pre-installs GApps.

The ROM is Pixel OS-based but features a range of options for customization. Safety updates to the ROM are also given promptly.

Evolution X
Evolution X


All knows AICP as the Android Ice Cold Project that began on Desire HD and has since developed into a mature ROM with the best community you can find! The ROM was still AOKP-based before Lollipop. Sadly, when AOKP stopped evolving or would come back later this year, their source was transferred to lineage OS.

Viper OS

ViperOS is a modern, AOSP-based Custom Firmware that has its own custom mods. This ROM is well-known for its customised functions from all CMs, Lineage, Slender, Omni AOSPA, … The ROM was created by Google when Android 7.1 Nougat was released. It has now become one of multiple functionality and customization of the most robust customised firmware. It provides a perfect battery / performance balance.

Viper OS
Viper OS

Bliss OS

BlissROMs comes with a wide range of Android-based customization options. It has added some of its own exclusive characteristics to the ROM as well. This ROM ‘s stable architecture is based on Android 10 (or Android Q) and includes all of the goodies it has. In addition, certain special Bliss features are also available.

Bliss OS
Bliss OS

Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix is a hybrid of CM stability and Lean, Omni and original Remix building features to provide a great combination of performance, customization, strength, and the latest technologies. This ROM is finally fully-functional, robust and bundled with the latest Open Source ROM functionality. The ROM also provides several amazing initial Replica ROM add-ons in the components that include the latest value, customization, usability and newest product characteristics!

Resurrection Remix
Resurrection Remix

Final Verdict

These Custom ROMs are fun to play with and gives the Best feature Android has to offer. I hope you like our Guide on this , if so , feel free to drop down a comment below. Well , start flashing custom ROMs to your Moto G5 Plus Right away.

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Unlock Hidden Smartphone Features with these Secret Codes



Hidden Smartphone Codes

The list of the most useful codes for unlocking secret Smartphone Features.

Talking about accesibility, most mobile phones have no secrets for most users, but not everyone knows that each cellphone brand has it’s own series of secret codes that show information about the phone’s model, software details and even a series of settings that are not visible in the settings menu.

Codes for Samsung

  • *#06# – Display IMEI code
  • *#1234# – View Software Version such as PDA, CSC, MODEM, etc. Helps you check the BL, AP, CP, and CSC of your Samsung device
  • #*#4636#*#* – Diagnosis and general settings menu
  • *#*#7780#*#* –  Factory restore
  • *2767*4387264636# – Display product code
  • *#*#1472365#*#* – GPS test
  • *#*#197328640#*#* – Service mode for main menu
  • *#232337# – Show device’s Bluetooth address
  • *#232331# – Test Bluetooth
  • *#9090# – Diagnostic configuration
  • *#0842# – Backlight/vibration test
  • *#0673# – Melody test
  • *#0*# – General test
  • *#872564# – USB logging control
  • *#0782# – Real time clock test
  • *#1575# – GPS control menu
  • 273283*255*3282*# – Data create menu
  • *#34971539# – Camera Firmware Update
  • *#0589# – Light Sensor Test Mode
  • *#44336# – Sofware Version Info
  • *#273283*255*663282*# – Data Create SD Card
  • *#07# – Test History
  • *#7353# – Quick test menu

Source: Unlock hidden smartphone features with these secret codes. The list of the most useful codes

Codes for iPhone

  • *#06# – Displays your IMEI
  • *3001#12345#* – Field mode reveals many of the inner settings of your iPhone, specifically up-to-date network and cell information
  • *#67# – Check the number for call forwarding when the iPhone is busy
  • *#31# – Allows you to hide your number
  • #43# – Deactivate waiting call
  • *43# – Activate awaiting call
  • *#43# – Call Waiting Status
  • *#5005*7672# – Check the SMS center
  • *#62# – Verify the number for forwarding calls If there is no service is available
  • *#61# – Check the numbers of missed calls
  • ##002# – Disable all call forwarding

Codes for Huawei

  • *#*#6130#*#* – Test Menu
  • *#*#0000#*#* – Secret Menu / Advanced Options / Tricks
  • ##497613 and press “Call” – Test menu
  • ##745698 – Get Version Number of Huawei Phone
  • ##258741 – Factory Reset

Codes for HTC

  • *#*#3424#*#* – HTC function test Program
  • *#*# – Meniul HTC Info
  • *#*#8255#*#* – Launch GTalk Service Monitor
  • ##3424# – Diagnostic mode
  • ##3282# – EPST menu
  • ##8626337# – VOCODER
  • ##33284# – Field trial menu
  • ##786# – Reverse Logistics Support
  • ##7738# – Protocol Revision
  • *#*#1111#*#* – Software version
  • *#*#2222#*#* – Hardware version
  • *#*#4636#*#* – HTC info menu

Codes for LG

  • 3845#*850# – Diagnostic Test Menu for AT&T cellphones
  • 5689#*990# – Diagnostic Test Menu for Sprint cellphones
  • 3845#*851# – Diagnostic Test Menu for T-Mobile cellphones
  • ##228378 – Diagnostic Test Menu for Verizon cellphones
  • 3845#*855# – Diagnostic Test Menu for international alternative

Codes for Oneplus

  • *#808# – Hidden menu for tests
  • *#*#4636#*#* – Displays information about phone, battery, wi-fi, etc.

Codes for Xiaomi

  • *#*#4636#*#* – Information and Test
  • *#*#6484#*#* or *#*#64663#*#* – Engineering Mode
  • *#*#225#*#* – Calendar information
  • *#*#564548#*#* – Phone manufacture date, Hardware Version, etc.

Codes for Motorola

  • ##7764726 – Hidden Motorola Droid menu

Codes for Sony Xperia

  • *#*#7378423#*#* – Service tests

General Codes

  • *#*#4636**#* – Displays information about phone, battery and wi-fi
  • *#34971539# – Displays information about phone’s camera
  • *#2663# – Displays information about touch screen
  • *#1234# sau *#44336# – Displays firmware version
  • *#06# – Displays IMEI, phone’s ID and IP address of a PC
  • *#232337# – Displays MAC address of phone
  • *#232338# – Displays WLAN MAC of phone
  • *#*#8255#*#* – Displays GTalk Service
  • *#7465625# – Check the phone lock status

Codes for Hardware Testing

  • *#0*# – Test RGB (Red Blue Green), Receiver, Vibration, Touch sensitivity, Speakers, Camera Sensors, S-Pen, Audio loopback,  Software version, etc.
  • ***#2664#*#* – Touch screen test
  • *#0283# – Check Audio loopback control
  • *#0588# – Proximity Sensor test
  • *#0228# – Battery diagnostics
  • *#0289# – Audio/speaker-test (Melody Test Mode)
  • *#0782# – Real-time clock test
  • *#0842# – Vibration test
  • *#0673# – Audio/speaker-test (same as *#0289#)
  • *#0011# – View GSM status information
  • *#4777*8665# – GPSR tool

System Codes

  • *#9900# – Restore system journal data (RAM, core, modem)
  • #*273*283663282*255*# – Copy all the mulimedia data from SD Card to internal memory
  • *2767*3855# – Factory reset
  • *2767*2878# – Reset all phone data, without deleting registered data

Don’t let the hidden codes fall into the wrong hands now that you have them. You’ve been accepted into the Girly Boy Squad.

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Top 6 Methods to Prevent your PC from Overheating



Top 6 Methods to Prevent your PC from Overheating

When it comes to their gaming PCs, gamers frequently face the issue of overheating. For this, there are several potential explanations, such as overclocking, lack of adequate cooling, and inexpensive case fan quality.

Don’t be afraid. I am mentioning some of the important points and accessories in this article that you can use to cool your gaming PC during long gaming sessions.

1) Clean your PC

Do you know what keeps your PC cool? It is the fan inside it that optimizes according to the temperature within the Processor for different speed settings. Often, inside or near the fan, a large amount of dust accumulates, resulting in slow speed or even injury. To make sure your CPU fan works correctly, it is best to clean your machine once a month.

2) Avoid Overclocking

When you drive your computer components harder and faster than their intended limits. Overclocking happens in such situations, and if done for longer periods, it leads to downgraded CPU performance. So you can stop overclocking your CPU if you want to experience long hours of gaming.

3) Update the CPU Case Fan

The most sensitive and expensive thing is the processor inside your gaming machine. Any time you play resource-heavy games like CS Go, it has the potential to get overheated. When it comes to playing high-end games, gamers are also recommended to use high-quality case fans.

In contrast to the optimized case fans sold by brands such as Noctua etc the factory mounted case fan does not provide you with sufficient cooling when you play high-end games on your gaming PC. Therefore to keep your CPU cool while gaming, you desperately need high-quality case fans.

4) Power Supply Replacement

Your machine power supply has a big fan inside. This is where, when you place your hand behind your screen, you can feel the heat coming out.

If there is no mounted case fan on your gaming PC, then this is the only place where the heat can get out of your computer. If your power supply fan is not working correctly, there are high odds of overheating. In such a case, I would recommend removing the PSU fan.

5) Add a Phase Change Unit:

The phase change unit definition can be understood as the function of a refrigerator. It helps to cool the overheated CPU, but it operates using the same technology as in fridges.

6) Add a CPU Water Cooling System

The amount of heat generation in high-end gaming PCs is so great that even a high-quality case fan is not enough to keep the CPU cold. You would need a water cooling system in that situation, which is more powerful and cools your CPU better.

Don’t worry if you think about “Water in Computer”, the water is enclosed within the sealed transfer device. A cycle-operated pump that provides cooling for all parts of the CPU and computer. The most surprising thing is that to mount the water cooling system, you don’t have to be a pro.


Gaming PC
Gaming PC

So these are the steps that you should follow if you want to get the Best out of your Gaming PC. It is highly beneficial that you follow these methods while playing for extended times as it can greatly improve your overall Gaming Experience.

Do feel free to comment down your suggestions and questions below and we will answer them for you.

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