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Search Marketing 101 – On-Page SEO Factors




On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is about optimizing your websites pages so they look like they are highly optimized. Search engines look at the h1 tag, the h2 tag and the anchor text of links going to your site in order to know what it’s about and rank it accordingly. You can adjust these using your template, but there’s little point.

The Meta Title is the text that shows up in the blue bar on the page. In older search engines this was the biggest factor in ranking. Getting tips on how to maximize this tag’s appearance are endless.

In the early days of pre-Google web, meta keywords were important. Keywords could be one of many factors based on what the search was about. This lead to abuse, as webmasters would pack these words into webpages in numbers so they would achieve the highest rank possible. This led Google to the decision to not include these tags in their ranking algorithms.

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Reasons to Use Keywords in the Meta Title

Nowadays, it’s enough to just put the keyword you’re going after in the title, and not worry about including other keywords. Google just recommends you enter your keyword, and that’s it. You don’t need any additional factors, just the keyword you want to rank for.

Also, in older search engines like Yahoo! this was an important factor. Going back a few years, meta keywords are one of the deciding factors for who gets ranked on the search engine.

The Number of Words in the Keyword

Google suggests that your keyword should have a minimum of 1000 characters. They suggest that it’ll be fine to go up to around 20% more. In older search engines this was where all the power comes from.

Keyword Density

This is the standard the industry has deemed for keyword density. Anywhere from 2% – 4% is acceptable. A density of 4% means that for every 100 words of text on your page, you could use your keyword 4 times.

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Keyword Prominence

Search engines aren’t the only thing that searches for in these days. Google suggests that a given keyword should be used in prominent positions such as the title of the webpage and in the first sentence.


This is standard in modern SEO. Prominence is what is deemed the most important by the search engines, and this is where a good keyword analysis tool will come in handy. It will point out where the keywords are used, and give you the actual density of the keyword. As search engines have evolved, these analysis tools provide valuable insights into the keywords a page is being optimised for.

how to find low competition keywords
Keyword Research

Competition Volume

There are some cases where the competition for a given keyword will be fierce. For example, if your keyword is SEO & Search Engine Optimisation, then it will be secondly on the list of many search terms showing results for that phrase. This shows the areas in which you can improve to appear more relevant in the search engines.

Unfortunately, if there is too much competition this can either mean that it’s impossible to rank in the top 10 results, or that there will be too many results showing the search terms. To rank for an overly generic term like “SEO” would mean that it would be virtually impossible to appear in the first page of results – regardless of how many people were searching for it.

Instead of relying on search engine algorithms to rank pages for you, a specialist keyword analysis tool would be much more useful. These tools can work out where your competition is strongest, and where you can produce content which will give them a formidable challenge.

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Off-page Optimization

Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO

Many SEO specialists forget to factor in how useful off-page optimization is, and this means they do not do much to boost their site in the rankings. This doesn’t mean they aren’t important, and a good consultant will remind you of the following.

Of course the quality of your content is the most important factor in ranking well, but even the most amateur optimizers will tell you that off-page optimisation is as important if not more important than on-page optimisation.

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Finding out how many pages are linking to your competitors is an important part of off-page optimisation – and the amount of links on the pages of a competitor that are linking to them is as good an indication as any on how important their website is to the world.

You’ve got between LINKS and UNIQUE content to deliver on the promise of providing UNIQUE content. To the search engines, links are like votes. The more LINKS you have, the better you are.


The quality of a page is based on the page rank. This shows how important a page is to other web sites.

If you follow these basic tips for optimizing for search engines, you should be seeing an increase in your search engine ranking – With foregrounded links to your web presence.

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SEO & Marketing

How to Convert Website Traffic into Qualified Leads using Fastbase and Google Analytics





We live in a world that has become extremely integrated and dynamic; this can be attributed to major technological milestones that have been achieved over the past several years. Most activities have shifted to various online platforms, something that has given rise to big data. Today, there are tons of useful information available. However, for you to fully harness the potency of every piece of information, you have to know how you can convert the data you’ve acquired into meaningful information. 

Understanding the metrics and performance of your website can be very overwhelming. Nevertheless, companies such as Fastbase can help you understand the traffic of your website, besides assisting you in converting your site visits into qualified leads. Fastbase is a data analytics firm that has a variety of tools that helps businesses and website owners effectively implement their sales strategies and B2B marketing. 

The company gathers and records thorough information about website visits, making it easy for their clients to understand the behaviors of entities that interact with their site. Some of the information collected includes the name of the company, LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, and where the entities are located. 

How to Use Google Analytics and Fastbase

Google Analytics

Studies have shown that there are approximately 5.5 billion Google searches every day. This goes to show the market share that Google commands. The company launched Google Analytics to help website owners and businesses to conduct behavior, audience, acquisition, and conversation analysis. Although the information that is acquired from Google Analytics helps users by showing them how their webpages and site are performing, it doesn’t give specific details of who the entities are. In other words, the information is useful enough to help users enhance the performance of their site but is still limited since no significant leads can be acquired. Roughly 90 percent of B2B visitors normally without leaving a trace; consequently, this becomes difficult for companies to make any progress in their marketing campaign. 


Fastbase has created several products to help companies reach their target customers. Some of these products include WebLeads, MailAds, and Google Ads Click Identifier among others. 

1. WebLeads

Fastbase WebLeads works by utilizing the information that has been gathered by Google Analytics. Users have to link their website with a unique Fastbase code similar to the way the Google Analytic code operates. Through cross-referencing service providers with the big data stored around the world, Fastbase can match and track how companies interact with your site. Thus, it gives you more specific information. 

2. MailAds

MailAds is another essential product offered by Fastbase that can help you get substantial qualified leads. After the target audience has been identified, the system takes over the process of lead generation. MailAds lead generation has proven to be effective for many businesses since it runs a B2B email campaign, and gives a report of campaigns that have received client interactions such as clicks and opened mails.

3. Google Ads Click Identifier

Another powerful tool offered by Fastbase is the Google Ads Click Identifier that majorly focuses on ad interactions. It will give you the specific keywords that businesses used to find you. Additionally, it will also display other elaborate information including the company’s name, their website, phone numbers, and email addresses. This feature helps you to gauge the performance of your ads and the businesses that have interacted with them.


Final Thoughts

Google Analytics and Fastbase
Google Analytics and Fastbase

As the world continues to become more digital, both people and businesses have to learn new ways of capturing vital metrics that can help them reach their target customers effectively. Fastbase and Google Analytics are incredible tools that can help you get qualified leads.

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SEO & Marketing

Top 10 OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2020




Top 10 OFF-Page SEO Techniques 2020

Off-Page SEO techniques work to build backlinks to increase DA, PA, and SEO rankings. You create a high credibility for your website by building backlinks with high domain and page authority.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the main aspects of your blog that you can do correctly. In internet search results, this will place your blog better and push significant moves to your blog. If you are a website manager or blogger, you should know about SEO on the basis that it varies frequently. Best off-page SEO strategies for building website backlinks.

You must be conscious of the new SEO programmes. You should have great knowledge about on-page and off-page SEO strategies as being an SEO, as both are important to rate you higher in SERPs based on stock phrases. Below we have mentioned details about Off-page SEO and what are the top 10 Off-page SEO techniques.

Why is Off-Page SEO so Important?

In order to rank your website, all aspects of Seo techniques are equally relevant, but Off-Page SEO has a great helping hand in achieving better website ranking performance.

It improves your website in the following ways;

  • Getting High Traffic
  • Online Branding
  • Fast Indexing
  • High Audience Reach
  • Lead Generation
  • Increase Domain Authority

Best OFF-Page SEO Techniques

Below we have listed top 10 best techniques used for Off page search engine optimization:

Build Shareable Content

In SEO, great content is still the KING. A clever way to produce more and more natural backlinks to our blog or website is to create awesome and shared content. Study regularly and still keep the content fresh and updated.

Influencer Outreach

If you have developed some kind of worth sharing material, then don’t forget to share this post to your industry’s influencers. Tell them to search your blog and ask their blog for connect backups. Make sure that you get the connections from domains that are fully important.


Social media engagement

Social media presence is a big off-page SEO strategy. Engage with people on different social media sites if you want to make your organization, website or blog successful. The existence of social media will help the company expand and help you get more backlinks as well.

Contribute as Guest Author

Many good and quality blogs are accessible for a guest post from several authors. Write an eye catchy research piece and reach them with the content for the guest post. Don’t concentrate on the total number of links but rather concentrate only on link quality. Also don’t keep posting several times on the related guest blog site.

Social Bookmarking Sites

One of the best platforms for advertising the site is social bookmarking pages. You get a lot of traffic to the website or blog when you bookmark your site or blog post on powerful public bookmarking websites.

Video Submission

Like Podcast Submission, Video is also one of the best off-page SEO methods. This method will also ask you to produce video content and publish it on free video submission websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Ensure the video is a quick and short description of the complete topic related to the blog post. The video must be unique and different for people to click on it.

Forum Submission

Participate and communicate with the group in search forums relevant to your website and company. Respond to threads, answer questions from people and offer your opinions and suggestions. Allow use of forums for Do-Follow.’

Blog Directory Submission

Directory Submission is actively working to create back ties for consistency. Choose an efficient directory and choose the right group. Good results take quite some time to deliver, but these outcomes stand out over a longer span.

Article Submission

In a high PR paper submission directory, submit your posts. You can also give links to your site. Making sure the content is top quality and exclusive. Content and content of poor quality that has more keyword stuffing could be refused. Pick the right category and give the information a nice title.

Question and Answer

From question and answer pages, one of the best places you can get good traffic. Enter high PR question and answer websites and check for your business, blog or website-related questions and have simple answers to these questions. Give your site a connect that will continue to give you greater visibility.



There are many other techniques used for off-page SEO, but above we have mentioned the best 10 techniques used. We have also included details about what is SEO. This guide is for people who are passionate about digital marketing and want to know off-page SEO techniques. In case you want to know more about digital marketing techniques that are used in SEO, you can take help from online service providers.

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