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Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Service



Web Hosting Services

Are you planning to start a blog? What is hosting and how to get the best web hosting services? Why is hosting important? And many more aspects of hosting will be discussed in this article.

Online business is gaining popularity nowadays. In this time when pandemic has disturbed the working and economics all over the world. Many people have started to work from home.

Moreover, many buyers want to buy different products and services by staying at home. So online availability of every business is very important. If you are the one to start an online business, blog, store, or affiliate marketing then this article is a complete guide for you. So let’s explore more.

Steps to Start an Online Business

Easy steps to start an online business, store, website, or blog are as follows.

  1. Purchase a good domain name that suits and represents your business.
  2. Choose a good web hosting service.
  3. Design the site and launch it.

Why Choose Good Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting is significantly important for online business. Because the speed, performance, and online availability and accessibility depend upon the web hosting service.

Now you might ask how to find a good web hosting service? So, we are sharing some qualities of a good web hosting service. This will help you to choose a good hosting service provider for your online business or website.

Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Services

Here is the list of the qualities that you must consider before choosing the hosting plan.

  1. Security

As online websites and businesses are gaining popularity, hackers are also finding a new way to tackle the site. Therefore, it is important to protect your website. Hosting can be helpful in this regard. The good hosting company provides improved security features. Moreover, an SSL certificate is also provided that adds HTTPS before the domain name.

  1. Reliability

Always check the reliability of the web hosting company. The background of the company, its services, the number of working years, the awards, etc. can describe the reliability of the hosting company. Moreover, good hosting companies maintain the website, solve the issue in time, and provide good services.

  1. Customer Support

The good hosting company provides 24/7 customer support. You can check the availability of customer support members such as online chat, email, social media presence, and other contact features offered by the hosting company. Moreover, also send a message to the customer support center to find how quickly they respond.

  1. Customer Reviews

Check the customer reviews about the hosting services. The good reviews are the sign that the company is good and the customers are satisfied. Moreover, poor reviews mean that customers received bad services. In this way, you can check the quality of web hosting. Also, view the response of clients on social media platforms before making any purchase.

  1. Uptime

Uptime of the hosting is also very important. Because according to the recent report, the visitor leaves the site, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Therefore, the best uptime is 99.99%. This means that the performance of the website should be fast. Whenever the client reaches the website, the website should work effectively. Otherwise, the loss in clients will result in business or profit loss.

  1. Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of web hosting also plays a significant role. If you want to upload images and media files, then storage capacity should be maximum. Therefore, depending upon the purpose of the site, you must consider the suitable storage capacity offered by the hosting company. Good hosting must have different storage capacity plans for the website.

  1. Speed

Do you stay on a site that takes a longer time to load a page? Of course, not. The same will be the viewer response if your website will be slow. Therefore, speed matters a lot when it comes to online business.

How to tackle the speed factor? The answer to this query is better Webhosting.

A good hosting company assures to maintain the speed of the website. You can check the site speed using different online speed checker tools. Moreover, speed also impacts the ranking of the site on google.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is important when it comes to the traffic or audience. If you have high traffic on your website, then you must have a wider bandwidth. Bandwidth is also shared by the hosting company. A good hosting company protects the server from other users so that you can get enough bandwidth for your audience. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable hosting company that offers enough bandwidth according to the site’s need. Moreover, as a beginner, you might have a small number of users visiting the site but it might increase in the long run. So, always check whether the company has upgradation plans or not.

  1. Backups

The website can crack, your personal computer can damage, the server can fail. So are you prepared for such mishaps? Good hosting companies offer daily backups. This enables you to recover the site if any issue occurs. Always check out the backup features offered by the hosting company.

  1. Price Plan

High prices don’t mean good quality. Always compare the provided features and price plans of different hosting companies. So that you can understand the difference and choose an appropriate hosting plan for your online business.

Final words

Hosting plays a significant role in the performance, speed, working, efficiency, and even SEO of the website. Therefore, it is important to choose an appropriate hosting company for your website. Because poor hosting can even ruin your site, and ultimately results in customer, business, and profit loss.

Therefore, you should consider the reliability, reputation, customer support service, client reviews, security features, backups and storage availability, uptime, bandwidth, speed, etc. offered by the hosting company before purchasing the plan.

We hope this article shared a piece of good information and you will be able to choose the best web hosting services for your online business website.

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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog



Self Hosted Wordpress

The question arises in the mind of many newbies: how much investment is required to start a blog? Are you the one who wants to start a well-reputed blog? How much cost is needed to start a WordPress cost? And many more questions will be arising in your mind.

Today, in this article, we are going to share some helpful information that will enable you to understand the requirements as well as the cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

What is WordPress?

what is wordpress

WordPress is a content management software that helps you to manage the website efficiently without any coding. Many bloggers in this world are managing their sites using WordPress. We will recommend you to start your blog with WordPress.

What is a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Two versions of WordPress are available i.e., and is hosted by WordPress whereas gives you complete access to your website.

We will recommend you to go with Moving forward, using allows you to select the hosting for your website. Thus, known as self-hosted WordPress. For this blog, you need to choose a good hosting company that provides you the server to connect with the online world.

Who should start a Blog?

Is a blog a profitable business? Who should start the online blog as a business?

In our opinion, everyone should start an online blog. Many people think that it requires expertise, talent, skill, etc. It is a myth. The only thing that you require to start a blog is interest and passion.

The blog is the thing that is available on the internet and it’s your own. You can make your presence in the online world so that the world can recognize you. It is the best and easiest way to do so.

Do I need money to start a Blog?

Wordpress Blog
WordPress Blog

Yes, blogging required investment. Free blogs are also working on the internet but these are not highly preferred. With WordPress, you can start with a little investment. To do so we are sharing some tips and tricks to do so.

Start a Blog with the Least Investment

Frankly speaking, you can invest as much money as you want when it comes to WordPress blogs. Here are the details about how you can start with little money.

  1. WordPress Installation

WordPress is a free content management system. Simple go to WordPress and install it free of cost. Besides this, you need to pay for a domain name (annually) and Webhosting (monthly). The domain is the website name, identity, or URL that is specific to your website and helps people reach it. Many hosting companies offer free and country-wise domain name extensions such as .pk domain names with hosting. You can choose an appropriate plan depending upon your requirements. If you have little investment then start with shared hosting, later you can proceed with a dedicated hosting plan.

  1. WordPress Setup

WordPress Setup is also a high-cost method. But many tutorials are available on the internet. You can visit, learn, and DIY the WordPress setup. Many guides regarding installation, settings, and beginner guides are also available on the internet. Moreover, some other factors such as blog customization, SEO, article writing, etc. You might need to invest some money in this event.

  1. WordPress Theme

WordPress offers both free and premium themes. You can choose any of them depending upon your requirements. It is the toughest task to choose an appropriate theme as impacts the speed, functionality, and performance of the site. Free to $400 will be the range of WordPress themes. You can invest a little amount in WordPress themes. Premium themes are unique and make your site look different from others.

  1. WordPress Plugins

Many WordPress Plugins are available free of cost online, and many of them can easily be accessed through WordPress plugin repo. As a beginner, if you have a limited budget then you can move with free plugins. But if you have enough money to start then go with premium themes to improve the speed, SEO, functionality, etc. of your WordPress blog. The cost may vary from $47 to $200.

Few Questions that You Should ask Yourself


Before starting a blog, you need to ask a few questions yourself. Such as;

  • What is my budget?

Budget is very important and plays a significant role when it comes to business. Blogging is a small business and it requires a budget. As described above, different sections (WordPress installation, theme, plugins, etc.) required cost investment. Therefore, clarify your budget and then make purchases according to the limit. Thus, you will be able to know how much you can invest in a domain, hosting, themes, or designs.

  • What is the plan?

Fore mostly, you need to know what is your blog plan, what type of blog you are going to start, what is the requirement, etc. This will help you to know the requirements of your blog. Moreover, identify your goals so that you can achieve your targets without being stressed out.

  • Do you need to hire professionals?

Sometimes you are not satisfied with the themes and designs available online. So you might want to design a custom theme that represents your business. Moreover, an article writer, freelancer, etc. might be required. Do you have such a requirement and a budget for such needs? All such queries should be resolved before starting an online self-hosted WordPress blog.

Final Words

The blog is a wonderful business you can start in 2021. You can start a self-hosted WordPress blog and build your website. To do so, you need little investment in the domain (free/ paid), hosting (shared, dedicated, cloud, etc.), themes (free/ premium), plugins (free/ paid), and other professionals hiring. You can minimize your budget and even can delimit it. Therefore, we will recommend you to clarify your budget, requirements, goals, and plan. This will help you to invest adequately.

We hope this article shared good information and guidelines to start a self-hosted WordPress blog. Identify your goals now and start an online blog. Good Luck.

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SEO & Marketing

Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners



Tools for Marketing Agencies

Many marketing agencies are constantly in search of tools and services that help to simplify the marketing process. These tools fall into various categories and offer a wide range of individual and collective services. In this article, these tools are placed in different categories to help identify their features and services. This article covers some of the best free tools for marketing agencies. Some of these tools include VectorFair, a major tool for designers that provides the best design templates and resources.

Graphic Design

Graphics design is an essential part of digital marketing. Getting the right free tool will help improve your designs and productivity. Many tools serve as a deposit for graphic resources, while some serve as a tool for graphic designs.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

VectorFair serves as a free online graphic resource website, providing a host of free vectors, icons, infographics, mockups, and much more. With over ten years of constantly producing creative and amazing designs, VectorFair is a great place to get the best design templates and resources.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

This tool is used by many graphic designers around the world. Canva helps you create amazing designs with so much ease, thanks to its drag and drop feature. It conveniently allows you to create sleek and creative designs.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

For a host of stock photographs, Unsplash is one place that you can find some of the best free pictures and images. Unsplash saves you from having to worry about image copyright while offering you quality images and photographs.


Data analytics is also an important part of digital marketing. To this day, many marketing agencies seek tools that not only offer the best data analysis but also come at a cost-free price.

Google Analytics

Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners
Google Analytics

Google Analytics remains one of the most widely used software for digital analytics for marketing agencies. With it, marketing agencies can analyze details about customers or online visitors to a website.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Hotjar helps marketing agencies to properly obtain behavioral analytics and feedback. This information is vital for understanding how customers relate to a product or service.

Social Media

You can’t talk about digital marketing without talking about social media. Social media remains a major tool to promote business and services online. Some tools do a great job helping to run social media promotions.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Buffer offers a lot of features to help improve your social media presence. With Buffer, you can grow your audience, improve engagements and analyze your campaigns.

Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners is a social media scheduling app that allows businesses to schedule posts, campaigns, and others. The tool also provides insights on your online campaigns, helping you to gain more audience.

Project Management

Project management in relation to marketing agencies involves setting out goals to be achieved within a specific time. Achieving set goals within a specified time can be difficult as it also puts pressure on the team. Fortunately, there are free tools that make this job less frustrating.

Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

When it comes to versatility, stands out as one of the best project management tools out there. Despite helping to manage regular projects, it can be used as a CRM to manage campaigns and promotions.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Here is another top-notch free tool for project management. It utilizes cloud-based technology to improve communication, task assignments, peer collaborations and so much more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending targeted emails to potential clients and consumers. With email marketing, you can build healthy relationships with customers and clients. It is ranked as one of the most effective methods of digital marketing.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Mailchimp is a free email marketing tool currently used by small businesses to send out strategic emails to customers. It helps businesses and agencies to reach the right clients and also helps to create better content to improve your marketing.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

When it comes to email marketing and other inbound marketing services, Hubspot appears to be effective and popular. It offers a list of services including sales, customer service, and also offers CRM tools to improve customer retention.


SEO which stands for search engine optimization refers to the process of enhancing and improving the traffic of a website. SEO tools are tools or services that help a website to gain traffic and also rank highly on search engines.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Ubersuggest is an essential SEO tool that helps users to instantly generate new keywords to improve online traffic. It is also a great tool to gain insight into your website’s keyword and google ranking.


Surveys are online questionnaires sent out to targeted clients to fill and respond to. Online surveys are a great way for businesses and marketing agencies to get information and suggestions from clients and customers. Many online survey tools help to make the survey process a lot easier.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Typeform is a great tool for building interactive and well-structured forms for your surveys. This tool offers a convenient way for storing and analyzing data obtained from the surveys. It is free and easy to use as it requires no form of coding.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Surveymonkey is a free online survey tool that allows businesses to send out custom and well-structured surveys to customers. Its wide range of templates and designs saves you the stress of having to build a survey right from scratch. It also provides a convenient method for collecting survey data.


Marketing automation tools are designed to automatically manage marketing processes and carry out tasks on multiple channels. As the name suggests, these tools offer automated services and do not require you to have any knowledge of programming.


Top Free Tools For Marketing Agencies and Website Owners

Zapier is a very effective online automation tool that helps you to connect your apps and software. By connecting your apps, it can help you to perform automated and repetitive activities without your intervention. Say goodbye to repetitive processes or tasks which can be exhausting.


The recent rise in technology has greatly improved the process of digital marketing, making it more convenient for marketing agencies. With a host of free online tools and resources, there is a lot less work left for marketing agencies to carry out. From graphic design to automation, tools like VectorFair are now widely used by large and small scale agencies around the world. Add these tools to your arsenal and watch your marketing strategy improve for the better.

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