OnePlus 8T – Specs, Price and Everything Known so Far

Oneplus 8T Leaks

Oneplus 8T is said to be the next Killer Flagship from Oneplus after the newly Launched OnePlus Nord. The Newly Launched OnePlus Nord is a Budget Oriented Smartphone from Oneplus, something we all have been waiting for a Long time from Oneplus ever since they started focusing more on the upper segment of devices. It’s Been Only a Couple of Days ago that Oneplus Launched the Oneplus Nord but New Leaks Suggest that Oneplus is secretly in the works of launching a new Successor to the Oneplus 8.

According to Recent Leaks, we can expect two variants for the new Oneplus flagships – The Oneplus 8T and Oneplus 8T Pro. The New Oneplus Devices are expected to boast almost the same specs as the Oneplus 8. The Main Differentiating Factors will be the Camera Upgrades and the Processor. It is unpredictable when the Oneplus 8T and Oneplus 8T pro might launch, certainly during when such a huge global pandemic of this size is ongoing right now.

Oneplus 8T Camera
Oneplus 8

But still, that hasn’t stopped the Devs from Pulling Files and Information from the codes of App Files and Software. The Team at XDA Developers has Found a new Phrase of text inside the latest Code for the New Camera App for Oneplus. Inside the code of the camera app for one plus is a new kind of mention of shooting images in 16 MP and 64 MP. As far as Data goes, Oneplus Currently Does not have a Flagship or smartphone that Has 16Mega-pixel shooting capability in it. This tends to suggest that the new Code included in the new camera app for oneplus might be indicating the Arrival of a 64Mega-Pixel Camera Setup on the Oneplus 8T and Oneplus 8T Pro.

Specs and Expected Price

The Specs would indicate that the Oneplus 8T pro might get the New Snapdragon 865+ that is due to Launch Later this year along with 6GB and Above RAM Options. The Display would be a 90Hz / 120Hz AMOLED Panel Manufactured By Samsung and Designed by Oneplus. The Smartphone would also come with a Charger with a charging capacity about 65W or maybe more than that. The Price of the O+ 8T and 8T Pro is expected to be the same as the Oneplus 8, maybe a couple of dollars more. Nothing is certain as of now, as we have a few more months until the Oneplus Launch Event but we can hope to see more as it approaches us.

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