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How Important is a Cybersecurity Policy: Here Is What Experts Say




The majority of small and midsize companies underestimate the importance of a well-designed cybersecurity policy. The failure to draft and adopt the policy is often a result of limited resources, a lack of awareness, or procrastination by the leadership.

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly a major issue affecting businesses of all sizes. It impacts C-level executives and information technology departments alike. More importantly, cybersecurity issues should concern the entire organization, given the rise in breaches globally.

A well-designed policy takes a holistic view of preventive measures. It encompasses password policies, access restrictions, and robust data encryption. A McAfee data exfiltration report revealed that up to 43 percent of data loss incidents are due to insiders’ negligence. Cybersecurity policies can mitigate risks posed by insider negligence through awareness training and other measures.

IT experts recently shared their opinions on this critical matter. Here are their views.

What Is a Cybersecurity Policy?

This type of policy enables organizations to outline a wide selection of data protection controls. They help determine the handling of various data categories. A company can also use the policy to establish a working group responsible for reviewing any shortcomings.

According to Nick Allo of Semtech IT Solutions, a cybersecurity policy defines wide-ranging guidelines and protocols regulating data protection measures. These protocols and guidelines cover security measures, training guidelines, remote work protocols, and confidential data access or use policies.

For Don Baham of Kraft Technology Group, information security policies play a critical administrative control role in cybersecurity matters. He pointed out that the policies act as a baseline for enhancing data protection capability for enterprises. The policies make it easier to implement both technical and functional controls, which bolster organization-wide adherence.

Failing to implement these policies compromises the leadership’s ability to adopt effective cybersecurity strategies. Cybersecurity policies enable the management to use the IT budget more effectively and assign critical security responsibilities.

Why Is a Cybersecurity Policy Important?

Ross Siroti of Rekall Technologies said that a cybersecurity policy plays a crucial role in ensuring accountability. In addition, he highlighted the importance of training users to avoid disastrous security events. To Siroti, training complements the purpose of the policy. Every employee needs awareness training and must receive a cybersecurity handbook.

When it comes to an example of how the policies benefits organizations, Siroti mentioned the use of mobile device monitoring services. Rekall Technologies offers specialized tools to wipe, lock, and unlock devices remotely. Its clients can take advantage of the service to monitor and control employees’ devices.

One of Rekall’s clients once declined an offer to use the mobile device monitoring service. Ironically, the client faced a tricky situation involving a lost device a few weeks later. The device lacked password enforcement and, as a result, sensitive company data leaked. As expected, the client subsequently decided to purchase mobile device monitoring services. This example highlights the need to adopt a proactive approach to IT security as guided by cybersecurity policies.

As an experienced information technology expert at Rekall, Ross emphasized the need to encrypt all devices that store sensitive data. The combination of device encryption and a lock policy is vital to maximizing data protection.

On the other hand, the Kraft Technology Group uses well-designed information security policies to gain a competitive edge in the managed IT space. Don Baham said his firm meets the requirements of the annual third-party audits it undertakes voluntarily. In turn, the IT firm showcases the audit results to new and existing clients to demonstrate its operational security capability. It is no surprise that the firm’s revenue has increased in recent years.

Nick Allo of Semtech IT Solutions said the policy is vital because it enables organizations to hold negligent employees to account for their actions. Without the policy, it can be difficult to hold employees liable due to the lack of clearly defined cybersecurity rules.

What Should Be Included in the Cybersecurity Policy?

The development of the policies requires a multi-layered approach. As such, companies need to pay close attention to policies included in the document.

Here are some items that experts recommend integrating into the cybersecurity policy document.

  • Password policy
  • Guest access restrictions
  • Mobile device management that prohibits access to company data using personal devices
  • Email policy that includes encryption
  • Physical security measures
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Network security guidelines
  • Incident response protocols
  • Restrictions on the use of social media

The guidelines and protocols mentioned above represent the fundamental policies needed to bolster cybersecurity for small and midsize businesses.

According to Don Baham, one of the key aspects of information security policies is data location. He urges organizations to include guidelines for data location. In doing so, it becomes easier to comply with specific regulations or client requirements. Some clients may be sensitive to the location of service providers’ data centers. Information security policies compel organizations to maintain storage in specified locations at all times.

Do You Have a Template For a Cybersecurity Policy?

Nick Allo stated that Semtech IT Solutions does not have a cybersecurity policy template. He attributed this approach to customization requirements for individual clients and their risk tolerance. Small and midsize businesses have varying information security needs and risk tolerance.

Some organizations have to consider several regulatory requirements when drafting cybersecurity policies. Types of data handled by a company, industry, and location typically determine whether compliance is a major factor to consider during this process.

A company handling customers’ sensitive information must implement robust security measures to prevent breaches. Social security numbers and credit card details are high-value targets for cybercriminals.

IT experts recommend assessing current cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities before selecting an information security policy stance and template. The assessment makes it easier to address specific issues facing the company. Some small and midsize businesses grapple with confidential information leakage and inappropriate resource usage by employees.

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Home Improvement Ideas for 2021



Home Automation Systems

With most people in the world spending vastly more time at home than before, change is inevitable. Spending lots of time at home allows people to examine their surroundings and want to make modifications.

2021 is an excellent year to brush up on your passions, and home improvement is no exception. With a little innovation and dedication, you can quickly transform your house into a home. With the rapid advancement and growth of technology, smart homes have become irresistible.

Home improvement ideas have to embrace technology to keep up with the global home automation trend. Here are home improvement ideas you should contemplate.

1. Entertainment

Home entertainment and entertaining visitors will most likely be a spotlight of home improvement ideas for 2021. With entertainment outlets such as pubs, restaurants, and cinemas closed to the public, you could host get-togethers with loved ones in your own home.

1. Home Audio

Enjoy the sounds of a live music festival from the comfort of your home. Music lovers can savor music in their house or their backyard. You will need to contact a professional integrator to install a comprehensive distributed home audio system that includes both indoor and outdoor speakers.

It is worth noting that professional installers usually use in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for distributed audio. This will keep your home aesthetically appealing without disarraying your spaces with wireless speakers.

2. Wi-Fi

Almost every home entertainment system in this century is dependent on coherent, dependable Wi-Fi. If you live in a bigger house or if your internet connection is prone to irritating dead zones, it will greatly impair your streaming experience. The glaring solution is to upgrade your conventional router-based Wi-Fi to a mesh Wi-Fi system.

Since Advanced Network Assist technology is in-built, the mesh network is optimized in the background without the need for user intervention. Besides, with its family controls, mesh Wi-Fi allows you to monitor and manage your children’s Internet activity, which is a classy bonus.

2. Security

Home security has to be the epitome of home improvement ideas for 2021. A smart security system can do more than just alerting you whenever a burglar attempts to enter your home. It connects entry sensors and sirens to devices such as smart door locks, smart thermostats, and smart lighting through your Wi-Fi network.

These are the key features your smart home system can entail.

1. A Home Alarm Security System

Your first step in protecting your home will be to install a smart security system. Have a smart system to protect your entry points and inner levels of your home such as the hallway. Also have at least one smoke detector which can be in the kitchen or hallway. If you reside in an apartment complex, have at least a smoke detector on every level.

2. Smart Lighting

Additionally, lighting will deter intruders. Getting lights that are programmed to turn on and off at odd intervals each day will help to protect your house while you are away. Better yet, you can opt for security lights with surveillance cameras. As a result, anytime someone approaches your home, the camera lens will record a video of the person. This will assist you in either taking precautionary measures or later viewing the footage.

3. Cleaning Devices

We all know that a clean environment leads to healthier, happier, and more productive residents. Nevertheless, cleaning can be stressful at times. Most, if not all, of the work, can be done by a variety of tools and devices. Although some of them may require some initial configuration and getting used to, they will save you time and effort in the long run, and you will recognize the difference.

1. Robot Mop

Hard flooring, such as stone, hardwood, and tile requires mopping. A robot mop will penetrate the difficult-to-reach areas such as beneath shelves and around toilets and sinks, ensuring that every inch of your house is spotless.

Based on the type of pad you connect to it, the mop will automatically select the ideal cleansing method be it wet mopping, damp sweeping, or dry sweeping.

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Forget the days of routinely scrubbing your toilet. Contrary to bleach tablets dropped into the tank which can damage your septic system, the toilet bowl cleaning system directs a cleaning solution into the overflow tube of the flush valve, ensuring that no contaminants ever come into contact with the fill valve.

3. Automatic Carpet Cleaner

A carpet stains easily and is generally strenuous to clean. This mobile carpet cleaner is especially popular among pet owners for saving the day after an unexpected accident. With the push of a button, it instantly sprays, brushes, and suctions to eliminate all surface and set-in pet and tough stains.


Indeed, with the modern home increasingly becoming automated, you need to adopt the best home automation systems to monitor and control components of the home such as lighting, entertainment systems, and other devices.

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PRINCE2 Project Management Terminology




Project management terminology is unique to the IT profession and consists in a rather complicated set of terms and phrases that are only now coming to the fore.  Although project management can be grouped together with the rest of the IT profession, for example in the management of project investment, project management refers to a particular type of activity in an organisation, usually distinct from the rest of the organisation.  

This characteristic was first brought to light through the study of activity theory used to describe the work of a group of specialists in the area of information systems.  An activity is an activity performed in the course of carrying out the activity goal. As outlined on a prince2 training online course.

As this activity is carried out, the activity goal is the result of the activity (the activity goal).  When an activity element is realized, the activity goal is the result of building up from past experience, usually made known as feedback to the activity element.

KnowledgeTree PRINCE2
KnowledgeTree PRINCE2

An activity element may have a past consideration as an input, for example, the fact of a technical issue, the task completed, or a general understanding in the use of the deliverable.  This feedback is interpreted amongst the activity element and the activity goal is the accepted version.  Through this interpretation of feedback, the work of the activity element is the derivative of the principal idea of the activity goal.

The way the activity element is written is that of a pecul THAT accumulates over the whole of the life cycle of the project.  For each element, the activity goal is identified.  These project deliverables are then passed into the next available activity element to complete the task set out for the process.

The first use of project management terminology was by Martin Lazzarini and is followed today, by the Institute of Project Management in the UK (we can thank Tom Philips for this).  The project management body, the Institute of Project Management, has aiconic style of presentation which is still used today.  

This is somewhat Toyota style and reflects the way that concepts are brought to life.  I’ve known more than one individual from a company who has used this style of presentation and is seen as a good way to pass on some project ideas.

When I first learnt about this method, the acronym was developed by some people including?”, coaching some on how to do it better” and ” providing detailed, structured methods for its use”.  It was more speaking than writing and came about as a result of the work ofettes Palmer (ewaterfall) and David superficially (re Whereas a project is defined means that an infinite number of those are possible outcome).

PRINCE2 Project
PRINCE2 Project

The system developed by the Institute of Project Management was based on the activity of the first project manager called, “Projects – short work and actions”.  This was a method used to establish a method for the interpretation of input of project feedback, which lead to sentence, for people who saw no further option, to realise the role of project and manager (the project)  So the terms project management and project planning were born.

And all these terms are here to stay, because we’re always in some project or thinking whether that’s approaching a project or even developing skills to reach the next realisation.

Project management is the process of directing a designated group of people with defined activities to deal with or manage the project at a specific point in time and develop appropriate procedures to deliver successful outcomes in a bigger more comprehensive scheme.

Project planning is the process of determining the activities needed, along with any time a better approach would bring forward an effective total outcome (traffic) for the project.

Project management skills are those which are required for accomplishing the speech of use (THS).  It’s in the project plan that you specify all the activities and stipulate how they will bring into poor the project outcomes.

The project plan should predict exactly how to get to the end results expected.  The plan should also encompass these items.  The project plan and project put in detail is the purpose of selecting a project master and the Project board.  

The project plan will be used to provide a business case for funds, in funding processes, and as the basis of the implementation plan for everyone involved.

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