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3 Basic Steps on Expanding Your Virtual Business to the Global Market



Virtual Business

A recent study found that 57% of consumers purchased from an overseas vendor in the last 6 months. If you have any qualms about your virtual business finding an international market, this statistic is enough to eliminate your misgivings.

Of course, it’s not always feasible for a company to open its doors to the global community. The good news is that you can prepare your business so that it caters to a larger audience including those who are in a different time zone than yours.

It’s high time that you take advantage of the borderless audience reach that a virtual business can give you. Check out the 3 basic steps on expanding your virtual business to the global market:

1.  Adapt a Global Business Website

A global-friendly website means more than just a quick loading time and responsive web design.

Imagine finding a website that offers the products you need at a better price. The items are shown in different angles and the images are high resolution. You can even see a 5-star rating below it. The problem is, the website is in a foreign language. Sure, Google Translate can interpret the text for you, but you know how awkward and imprecise those translations are.

From a business perspective, this is a quick way to lose customers. Not everyone has the patience to translate the language in your website. If you want to go global, it’s best to adapt English as the primary language of your site. If you’re targeting a specific country overseas, you can also offer the website in the language of that audience.

Ditching cultural references is also a crucial step in having a global-friendly website. For example, promoting recipes by saying it can be prepared in a few minutes won’t appeal to people who consider spending time in the kitchen as a form of family bonding.

2.  Start Going Global with Your Staff

Nothing says global company as much as a team of international employees. Start thinking big by opening your company to online assistants from all over the world.

When you work with a diverse virtual staff, you can expect various ideas and fresh takes on things. From a marketing standpoint, having team members who know what appeals or repels audiences from each of your international target markets is an advantage.

3.  Consider Free Shipping

For global businesses, shipping can be an issue for both seller and customer. It goes without saying that customers factor in shipping costs in their purchase decision. On the other hand, a report has revealed that many entrepreneurs feel pressured to do a 2-day delivery even to international customers.

However, the same report revealed that customers are willing to wait for an order – especially if the product they want can’t be found on the Amazon marketplace. So, there’s no reason to charge customers with exorbitant shipping costs just to deliver their order within 2 days. Free shipping is a stronger attraction to the international market than fast shipping.

TIP: You don’t have to offer free shipping for all items. You can utilize it as a benefit in your loyalty program. That is, you can offer free shipping to customers who refer a friend, are exceeding a specific purchase amount, or have earned points from repeat purchases.

Remember, it will take time to see results after you’ve expanded your eCommerce efforts to the global market. Besides tracking your sales revenues, you can also monitor your social media following, website traffic, and repeat purchases. Don’t be dejected if you don’t see a difference after a long period. Another perk of operating a virtual business is that if your products and marketing tactics don’t sell to one international market, you can always try out another.

Your business structure is intended for a borderless audience. It’s time you leverage it now that that you know how to expand your virtual business to the global market.

It is my passion to help business owners find highly talented and skilled individuals so that they can save time and money and focus on growing their business.

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1 Comment

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SEO & Marketing

6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful



Marketing Tools

Did you realise that the United States alone has almost 30 million small businesses?

With such a high number, small business owners want a competitive advantage. If you’re starting a company, you’re probably looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition. You’ll need a solid marketing strategy and access to the greatest digital marketing tools to do so.

1) For Audience Research: Typeform

6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful

When it comes to marketing, you need to know your audience. As a marketer, it is good to coordinate with sales and client service to hear what type of questions, objections, and concerns come up in interactions with prospects and customers. However, finding insights by asking your audience directly can be even more fruitful.

With Typeform, you can make surveying people simple and easy for all parties involved. It can be used to create contact forms and quizzes, and easily integrates with many of the tools you may already use.

2) For Social-Media Management: Buffer

6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful

Buffer was founded with the simple premise of scheduling social media posts. It has since evolved into one of the most popular, comprehensive tools for social media managers. You can create and schedule posts for all your social media platforms, see their engagement stats, and receive analysis and recommendations on how to improve.

3) For Better Writing: Grammarly

6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful

A poorly written piece that you failed to review can be incredibly off-putting to your target audience. Having spelling errors and grammar issues can separate you from your audience and make it harder for you to earn their trust and support.

Using Grammarly is a simple, free, and fast way to keep your writing in check. You can use it to proofread copy you’ve written online, such as emails or posts on Twitter, or to edit documents in Microsoft Office programs.

4) For Content Strategy: Content Strategy Checklist

In a constantly changing marketing landscape, by developing a documented strategy you can stay on top of content trends while maintaining accountability toward your goals. According to statistics, 62% of successful B2B marketers and 59% of their peers on the B2C side have documented their content strategy.

This interactive strategy checklist can be used by marketers to define actionable goals, tactics, and measures to hold their teams accountable for their content. It will help outline methods for measuring results, and aids in keeping the team on track.

5) For Headline Optimization: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

The headline is what draws readers into your content through social media, search engine results, ads, email newsletters, etc. If your headline isn’t appealing then you may as well not even write content! CoSchedule is a great tool to make headlines compelling.

With this tool, you simply type in a possible headline, and it analyzes it and gives you a score and shows you how it will appear in search engine results. It analyses length, tone, and SEO readiness, and you can use it unlimited times, so you can find the perfect headline.


6 Free Marketing Tools That Can Make Your Business More Successful
GetEmail is the best email lookup tool, making it easy to collect the email addresses of anyone by looking up their first name, last name, and domain name. uses Big Data & Machine Learning Algorithms to find the email addresses of any professional within seconds.

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Project Management with PRINCE2 in London




As the word project suggests a project is a temporary endeavor that is undertaken to meet particular objectives. The aim of a project relates to the scope of the work within a standard time frame, which in turn involves meeting specific financial or budgetary goals, as well as producing a specific product or service.

Within a company, the various projects take different forms with the different stakeholders or investors spending different amounts of time, money and effort, thus project management techniques are required to ensure maximum revenues come out of every endeavour.

Start-up companies require great project management skills, and so do those already running businesses.  As the word project relates to something specific the main focus of project management is set on task because that is what is expected to work involved in the field andspective Voltage skiing bamboo potassium MN are effective for this.

Anyumaterhipreet same are a method of pulling together other people’s tools, and the use of computer software has become the norm for usage within the field.   The most common method used for this is a Day/Week set structure with a set time frame as each block of time is allocated to working with a certain project.  

Often this method is referred to as cubical approach, plus the use of a schedule table, for both planning and scheduling. As on a PRINCE2 Courses London certification.

The other main aspect of project management is the management of people.   A project begins with a project plan which can be very ground breaking, but if a project isn’t managed effectively then it could be disastrous.  

The management jobs within the project management sector are more confusing and varied than anticipated; therefore being able to navigate any situation requires a level of maturity within the individual which a project manager may have difficulty operating.  

It is anyone’s guess as to what sort of person would excel in this position, and possibly think “launch on the leading edge’?  Importance for this may well place anyone into the position of project manager; however as a subject matter expert in project management you will most likely work behind the scenes directing the business to the perceptions of your clients, forming a strong foundation in the process.

The basic method of project management as done by most managers is to plan the process of the whole project, produce a set strategy on presentation for the management of tasks during the whole project.  Presentation being the process of showing all phases involved with the project, tasks, as well as detail the overall goal of the project and of course, the plan of which particular tasks form a part of that particular phase.

The resident ability to communicate the right set of instructions to your directors and of their directors’ director(s) to come up with the plan and to communicate the flow thus confirming whether the project is on track and accomplish the standards that are to be followed.  

The success of a project will be judged against the quality of the work your team work on.  More the effort spent on the plan and the more work time you are all willing to invest, better and easier will be the whole plan.  Customer satisfaction is the overall reason behind having customers claim these projects internally or externally.

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